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Celebrate with

bespoke & beautifully decorated cakes

If you are looking for a cake to help you mark a special occasion and want the focus to be on flavour and natural and seasonal produce then I can provide you with a bespoke celebration cake. 


I pride myself on making the best tasting and quality cakes, filled and decorated with your favourite ingredients that complement each other in flavour and texture.

Brownies and other traybakes are also available to order.

One layer, decorated cake £20

Small two layer, 8" decorated cake £30

Tall three or four layer, 8" decorated cake £45

Tiered cakes: 8" & 6" from £80

                            10" & 8" from £120

Small Bundt Cake £15

Large Bundt Cake £25

8" Batch of 16 Brownies £20

Traybake from £15

8" Shortbread round in presentation box £5

If you wish to have taped fresh flowers or macarons to decorate your cake there is an additional charge of £10 per tier. 

beautifully crafted bread and sweet buns

Order and enjoy

I produce bread in small, hand made batches. Currently, it is being sold at Harris Meats Farm Shop, just outside of Strathaven.

If you wish to place a direct order with me then please get in touch.

Plaited Milk Loaf £2.50

Challah £3.00

Brown Boule £2.50

Focaccia £3.00

Fougasse £2.00

Sweet Fruit Loaf £3.00

Sourdough (special order) £3.00

Sweet buns (Hot Cross Buns, Swedish Cinnamon Buns, Chocolate Chip Buns, etc) starting at 12 for £5

Danish Pastries (minimum order) 12 for £20

seasonal and locally sourced ingredients


I source and buy the best quality ingredients, which are often organic or fair trade.

Situated in the beautiful Lanarkshire countryside, I have easy access to quality fresh and seasonal produce; I use this in The Stonehouse Bakery's cakes as often as possible.

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